Use CarbonLess to

CarTwin Dashboards

Real-vehicle, from-the-field analysis

Carbon emissions and Fuel Use by engine RPM

This vehicle is using a lot of fuel during idle time (engine speed less than 800 rpm). How much time?

Percent average time spend at engine RPM

This vehicle is spending 2/3 of its running time at idle. Some of this is understandable: time spent loading, waiting, unloading, traffic, etc. But there does seem to be opportunity to reduce those times and save fuel.

Here’s the weekly average data:

Average Data

CarTwin Online

CarTwin Online

You can use the CarTwin Dashboard to select, view, and analyze your vehicle data. And, if you can view it, you can download it.

What is required?

  • Plug-in CarTwin’s “CarbonLess” data capture device
  • Use CarTwin’s online Analysis Tools, or Download your data to do your own Analysis
  • Use your Analysis to reduce Fuel Use and identify Fuel System and Emissions Problems

Really, that’s it?

Yes. The standard CarbonLess configuration will support almost all modern engines on the road today. You will need to tell us if you need J1939, J1939 variants (e.g., Volvo) or ODB-II connections.

You will need to sign-in to your CarTwin Online account to view and download your data. The purchase price includes a month of CarTwin Online access. It is a yearly subscription after that.

Is there more?


The device used for CarbonLess can capture hundreds of engine, emission, turbos, fuel, and transmission parameters in real-time: pressures, temperatures, charge levels, volume, flow rates, torques, rpm, gear ratios, fault codes, distance, speed, location, etc.

CarbonLess is the tip of the iceberg – read below to read more about CarTwin’s plans.

Contact us if you have a fleet, and would like CarTwin’s data capture customized to your needs.


CarTwin is creating a first-of-its-kind, AI-driven platform designed to provide predictive repair intelligence for commercial vehicle fleets. Its first product, CarbonLess, provides carbon footprint intensity and reporting to meet corporate ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) objectives.

CarTwin seamlessly blends IoT data collection, Wi-Fi and 4G/5G streaming, cloud applications, customizable dashboards, and integrates with the fleet management systems.

CarTwin can capture real time pressures, temperatures, volume, flow rates, torques, rpm, ratios, fault codes, locations, distance and speed for engines, turbos, transmissions and emission systems.

This data, combined with the powerful AI models CarTwin is developing, can predict breakdowns, monitor and improve performance, reduce expensive maintenance, and avoid lost revenue associated with fleet downtime. Insights from CarTwin help reduce the carbon footprint and it benefits corporate ESG objectives

How does it work?

Overview of CarTwin Platform and Integration

Please reach out

We would be happy to discuss your needs and work together toward collaboration or a POC.